Premium CBD Hemp strains Made in Italy

This is Eleonora from Tuscia Hemp Company.
Welcome to our website!

Unfortunately, the english version of the site is not fully available yet. However, feel free to contact us on our contact form, or drop us an email to

Let me introduce ourselves:
Tuscia Hemp Company is a farm based in Viterbo, Italy. We produce CBD based hemp flowers, with THC level below 0.2%, eligible to be sold all around EU and US.

For the 2018 production we came out with 5 varieties grown in outdoor and greenhouse facilities.

Our first indoor products will be available around middle of the year.

We really believe in making a product which is healthy and free from chemically added terpenes: during the curing process, the terpenes will develop naturally, making the aroma more and more complex along time. We used organic fertilizers and never used pesticides in the process.

If you are interested to test our products, feel free to contact us! 
We have special bulk and retail pricelists.

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Looking forward to hear from you!


Tuscia Hemp Company Team